what obito was really thinking. orz.
    am i late?

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    Happy Birthday Sasuke-kun!
    Artist: さくらぶ

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  1. Artist: ミ ラム.

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  2. wait.. o.o


    Guys remember, sasuke’s birthday is on July 23, which is on Wednesdayimage..the same day the chapter gets released..
    i hope kishimoto has planned something for this! :D
    *cough* *sasusaku*

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  3. Happy birthday, bby!


    Ok so, I drew this today/yesterday, however. xD Google, Mark Crilley and even Photoscape can be very useful sometimes, y’know, lol.

    Sorry if Sakura’s head is too big btw.. o.o

    Took me long enough, but WHO CAAAAAAAARES

    Happy birthday, Sasuke!

    Your gift, bby. Enjoy k, just taste it.


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    Translated these adorable and hilarious minicomics I found and saved a long time ago! I don’t have the source, but its from Pixiv I believe.


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    I tried to do a romantic Sasusaku thing but I did it wrong im sorry

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  4. badgerhat:

    has this been done already or

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    Kofuku in Noragami OVA 2

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    I should’ve done and uploaded this earlier but unfortunately, our internet connection is so fucked up right now !!!

    I promised my sister that I’ll draw them in chibi so finally, here it is! It’s already late tho

    It’s already baby Saucecakes birthday but I haven’t drawn something for him yet. In addition, my SS Month 2014 Project is already delayed for 6 days! So many things to draw, so little time! My vacation days are running out!!! 

    Anyways, let’s just hope that today’s chapter contains SS moments too! If it does, then this will be Saucecakes best birthday ever !!! <3 <3 <3

    Lineart and Coloring by: ME


    I got the idea of “Obito’s swag” from the mighty Baasama

    Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto

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    Art by 

    Happy Birthday Sasuke!!!!

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  7. sasukesluder:


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    Happy birthday, Sasuke! [23.7.2014]

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